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Spilling Useless Buckets of Salt

30 May 1972
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I got nominated!!

At Fang Fetish Awards for Best Spander and Best Dark Fic (Non-Spuffy) for Backfire

at Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards for Best New Author, Best Drama, and Best Plot for Backfire

Shades of Grey Awards for Backfire in the category of Slash (Romance)

The Lie to Me Awards for Backfire in the category of Extremity Award (for fic with generally restricted content)

And I'm very honored to be nominated at:

The Forbidden Awards in the categories of
The Delectation Award (best gen; no pairing) for Listening & Lies
The Seduction Award (best spander) for Backfire
The Naughty Virgin Award (best new fic by a new writer) for Backfire, Listening & Lies, and Felon Fodder
and The Azure Award (best fic that has never won an award) for Felon Fodder

Plus at White Knight Awards in categories of New Author and World Without Shrimp (alternate universe) for Backfire