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Fic: Backfire

Title: Backfire
Author: Daedreams
Pairings: primarily Spike/Xander, secondarily Angel/Xander, some Xander/Cordelia
Setting: Season 2, few days after "School Hard"
Rating: Mostly R, but gets to NC-17 for sex and violence at places
Feedback: Please, please, please
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me; all belongs to Joss and Mutant Enemy and anybody else who actually makes money off this stuff - certainly not me.
Warnings: m/m sex, het sex, character death, sexual violence, rape
Summary: Spike has a plan, sort of; Xander is just a meal, at first; Angel plays superhero, and fails; can the three of them live in this world and not kill each other?

This fic has been honored by many nominations:

Shades of Grey Awards in the category of Slash (Romance)

The Lie to Me Awards in the category of Extremity Award (for fic with generally restricted content)

The Forbidden Awards in the categories of
The Seduction Award (best spander)
The Naughty Virgin Award (best new fic by a new writer)

At Fang Fetish Awards for Best Spander and Best Dark Fic (Non-Spuffy)

at Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards for Best New Author, Best Drama, and Best Plot

White Knight Awards in categories of New Author and World Without Shrimp (alternate universe)

Shadows & Dust Awards in the category of NummyTreat (best spander)

And it gives me great joy to post these beautiful winning banners:

Round 19 of the Shades of Grey Awards

Round 2 of the The Forbidden Awards

In Backfire, daedream_fanbot takes one of the sacred clichés of BTVS fandom; namely Spike coming after Xander post School Hard and turns it into something shiny, original and wonderfully new. Watching evil, predatory Spike ensnare first Xander and then Angel in his little twisted games is a thrill to follow, and Spike becoming trapped by his own Machiavellian schemes is a thing of beauty to behold. Excellent writing, terrific characterization, spot on pacing and a kick-ass plot all add up to making Backfire one of the top fics of this or any other year.

Rarely does a story explode onto the scene with such an assured voice and a deft hand at twists and turns of a deeply involving plot as Spike claims Xander and then shares him with Angel, forcing Xander to become the lover of both vampires. This fic is dark, dangerous and completely hot!

Round 4 of the Fang Fetish Awards

Round 14 of the Shadows & Dust Awards

A/N: I know this first chapter is going to sound familiar to some readers. Keep reading, though. I believe I've added enough twists to make it unique.

Chapter 1 - Plan A

As plans go, it was, admittedly, pretty weak. He was going to follow the boy home, catch him, scare him, and kill him. Alright, so that doesn’t technically constitute a plan. That’s what he did every night. Only this time it was a specific boy. And he had a specific reason to kill this specific boy. Well…it was as good a reason as any, really. This boy knew the Slayer. What a fitting message to send to the little bint. A little something that said, “You think you can stop me by having your mum crack my skull with an axe?” No, sir, a little skull cracking doesn’t slow me down one little bit. Plus this tasty morsel he was following was offered to him by Angelus himself. Spike was simply accepting the invitation.

The boy was being cautious. Carrying a small stake discreetly by his side, he was walking quickly and inspecting the shadows as he passed. Even so, Spike had been able to follow him all the way from the school without any trouble. It’s not like this child had any heightened scenes or acute awareness skills. He was just one of the few that knew what went bump in the night. And Spike could work around that.

It really didn’t take a lot of stealth or cleverness. Spike simply followed him up his sidewalk, onto the front porch and stepped up behind him as he was unlocking the front door. Everybody always made this mistake. They somehow figured that once they were on their own property or on their own front porch that they were safe. They let their guard down. Started concentrating on finding the right key on the key ring. This boy was no different.

He slid his key into the lock. Spike tapped him on the shoulder. The boy turned around. And Spike punched him in the jaw, causing his head to slam back and hit the door. He collapsed in a semi-unconscious state.

The vampire took the stake out of his hand and threw it into the bushes. He grabbed the boy by the wrist and dragged him off the front porch to the side of the house. In this low rent neighborhood, the space between the houses was narrow, dirty and dark.

He held the boy against his own house by the upper arms. The boy’s head was rolling back and forth on his shoulders, his brain still trying to process what had happened in the past twenty seconds.

Spike did his best to be patient. Shortly, the boy’s eyes began to focus, and his muscles tensed slightly before going into a complete spasm when the gravity of the situation finally became clear.

“Holy fuck,” was about all the boy could muster when he saw Spike’s face just inches away from his own.

“Interesting choice of words,” the vampire smirked back at him.

The boy’s eyes got wide and he opened his mouth to scream, “Buf-!” But the air suddenly left his lungs when Spike slammed him hard against the brick wall.

When he had caught his breath again, Spike made sure he was looking into his eyes when he said, “Your little Buffy is no where near here. You shout like that again and I’ll snap the neck of the first person who peaks their head around this corner. Are we clear?” The boy blinked. Spike slammed his back against the house again. He gasped. Spike asked again, “We clear?”

The boy nodded frantically. His breathing was fast and heavy and his eyes started darting around, no doubt looking for something heavy or a sharp pointy weapon of some kind. He began to squirm against the wall. He brought his hands up and grasped Spike at the elbows and tried to push.

Spike started to get curious. The boy obviously knew he was going to die. It was more than most of his victims knew. Most would just smell of fear and uncertainty. But this boy knew. Knew what vampires were. Knew that Spike was a vampire. And knew that Spike meant death. And yet, he was still trying to find something that would save his own life. It made him grin. Spike decided to play.

He let go of him quickly and took a step back. It took a moment for the boy to realize what had just happened. Then he turned and ran. The vampire was sure that he was running as fast as his little legs could carry him, but it only took Spike less than a moment to get in front of him. The boy slammed into him as Spike reached out and clasped cool fingers around his neck. He pulled the boy further into him and whispered, “Going somewhere?“ before tossing the child backwards several feet into the side yard.


It was like Xander’s brain was on a ten-second time-delay. Instinct was telling him he was in trouble, but he couldn’t get his mind and body to cooperate. The wind was knocked out of him again when he landed on his back in a clump of dirt. Ow, was about all his brain could come up with before Spike was on top him, grabbing his upper arms, lifting him and slamming him against the house again. Then his brain told his legs to run. Stupid brain.

Okay, Xan,
he thought, here you are again. Did he just give me a chance to get away? Now, why would he do that? Oh, because you can’t get away. Evil vampire is having a little fun, isn’t he? Xander stopped struggling. He caught his frantic breath. He looked squarely into the vampire’s eyes and thought for the second time in as many minutes, I’m gonna die.

I’m gonna die right here next to my own house. It seems a bit anti-climatic.
Spike was leaning forward and pressing his chest against Xander’s. The vampire dipped his head under Xander’s chin and he felt a cold nose rub lightly along his neck. He shivered.

Spike lifted his head and looked into his eyes again. Xander couldn’t blink. The blue eyes staring back into his were mesmerizing. They twinkled with a smile behind them and Xander felt nothing but anger toward this creature in front of him. Then the fear was back as those blue eyes were morphed into a gold that held nothing behind them but pain and death. Xander glanced down to the vampire’s mouth which hung open slightly to reveal the teeth that he had prayed nightly he would never ever see this close.

“Please…,” he found himself whimpering. “…don’t.”

Spike cocked his head and pressed his entire body against Xander’s. Every muscle in his body tensed and he could feel his pulse raging. Finally his brain caught up and it was pissed off again. Xander had a flash of his mother’s mood swings and his ridiculous brain decided to think, I’m too young for menopause, before it fired back to anger. His tense muscles twitched and that raging pulse burned hot. Spike suddenly pulled away from him slightly and the demon’s eyes narrowed.

“You gonna kill me, vampire?” Xander surprised himself by saying. “Then just do it. What are you waiting for? You can play around all you want, but this is going to end the same way. Me, dead. You, sated and blood-happy. So what are you waiting for? An engraved invitation? Tell you what, let me go find a pen and paper and I’ll write something up real quick-like. How about: ‘Xander Harris cordially invites one William the Bloody, Spike to his friends, to get on with it all ready and sink his ridiculously sharp and pointy teeth into his neck and drink him til he collapses dead on the ground just a few feet from the comfort of his own bed.’”

Spiked blinked. It actually looked kinda funny over gold eyes.

“Whatsa matter? Not fancy enough? Well, I could use calligraphy, but you’ll have to let me go for a few weeks or months so I can learn it. Then, of course, it will be another six to eight weeks for the actual engraving. I’d have to send out for that. Tell you what, why don’t we meet up here again in, say, six months? The invitation should be ready by then, and maybe even include some pretty embossed flowers or some gold foil-”

Xander was cut off when Spike lunged forward and two fangs pierced his neck. He felt himself go cold and white with panic. But only for a moment, then his blood was pumping again too fast. Finally his brain and body started working together, and he tried everything in his power to get this beast off of him.

But Spike was pressed up against him too hard. And his cold hands had moved down his arms and were gripping his wrists. Xander could feel the vampire’s hard tight muscles push into every part of his own hard tight muscles. He could feel his own rapid pulse beat against the dead body in front of him. He could feel Spike swallow as the short vampire’s neck was resting against his upper chest. The vampire's cold neck was getting warmer as more of Xander's blood was gulped down it.

Xander felt a tear fall down his face, and in his head he said goodbye to Willow. And Buffy. And his mother, and Giles and even Jesse, who he realized he never had a chance to say goodbye to and isn’t that a shame and that’s really been weighing on him for quite some time hasn’t it and he thought about saying goodbye to his father then thought better of it and discovered he didn’t really care all that much that he was never going to see his father again and isn’t this an odd time for self-discovery and hey…why aren’t I dead yet?

Spike’s pull on his blood had slowed down. Now the entire body pushed against him was warm. But Xander could still feel his pulse beating. And upon further reflection, he noticed that the blood in his body seemed to be pumping in two different directions. Up through his neck and into this demon’s increasingly hot body and also down to his groin and filling the very last muscle that he should thinking about right now.

But there it was. All hot and perky. And even more disturbing was the feel of something similar pushing into his hip from the vampire in front of him.

Oh, God help me, am I getting turned on by this? Is he turned on by this? This can’t be right. Then Spike shifted and their cocks were lined up together and the vampire started rubbing and grinding and Xander’s brain decided to stop working entirely.

Xander thrust forward involuntarily and a moan escaped from his throat at the same time that the same noise escaped from Spike’s. The pulling at his neck became even slower and the heat from both their bodies was scorching. Xander was burning on the inside and out. Spike’s grip on Xander’s wrists loosened for just a moment then he squeezed tight and made some sort weird guttural noise and pushed his teeth into Xander even further and harder and Xander came and screamed.

Neither moved. Something fired in Xander’s brain and he twitched. The vampire twitched back and pulled his fangs out of Xander’s neck. Spike was suddenly two steps away from him and Xander slid down the wall and brought his hand up to his neck. He looked up at Spike and saw two sparkling blue eyes piercing down at him. Somehow he found himself still angry.

“You done?” He asked. Spiked nodded. “You aren’t gonna kill me?”

“Not tonight.”


Spike just grinned. “See you again soon, yeah?”

“Oh, you bet. Anxiously awaiting that encounter.” Xander snarked back.

Then Spike was gone and Xander was left sitting in his side yard with blood dripping from his neck through his fingers. He was pissed off, and tired, and weak, and hot, and confused, and…oddly satisfied. Then he panicked.

To be continued in Chapter 2: Panic

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  • oops post

    This is a quick post to show the powers-that-be that I'm still alive, and please don't delete my stories! I hope to some day come back to…

  • CSTS Tickets on Sale for Portland!!

    Tickets are now on sale for the PDX Browncoats' annual Can't Stop the Serenity charity screenings! Visit us on June 20 & 21 at the historic…

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