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Ficlet: Sense and Sensitivity

Series: Ianto Jones: A Character Study in 110 Parts
Title: Part 6 - Sense and Sensitivity
Author: daedreams (aka: daedream_fanbot)
Characters: Ianto, Jack/Ianto
Setting/Spoilers: Set anytime; no spoilers
Rating: PG-13 for implied sexual situations
Word Count: 724
Disclaimer: Not mine; no major harm intended; will return when finished, only slightly scathed.
Summary: Ianto can sense Jack.

A/N: I know it's been a couple weeks since I posted one of these. I just couldn't get this one right. I'm happier with this now than I was a couple weeks ago. During that time, I've been working on other parts of this series - longer stories to be posted later on. Until then, we continue...

Sense and Sensitivity
by daedreams

Ianto watched Jack. Saw him take command, even if it wasn't really necessary. Sometimes Ianto thought that Jack would give orders simply to see if the team would follow them. It was like a little private game. Jack really enjoyed being the boss. Maybe just a little too much. That's okay. Ianto didn't mind taking orders. He was good at it. Especially when they were alone and the orders were more like, "Don't move," and "Harder." Ianto loved the look on Jack's face when he took charge. His brow and voice would be firm and unyielding, but there was a sparkle in his eyes. A brightness that let Ianto know that he could say no whenever he wanted. Ianto never said no.

Ianto listened to Jack. Heard his stories and made a conscious decision just to believe them all, because it was too exhausting trying to figure out what was the truth and what was fabricated. Ianto's own stories of adolescent shoplifting and vandalism were no match for Jack's tales, so Ianto usually kept quite and let Jack talk. Jack had no problem with that. The man did like to hear his own voice. But so did Ianto, so it was a win-win. Jack was always voicing something, even if it wasn't with words. When Ianto was able to get the man to shut up, Jack would communicate with sounds. Approving sounds that consisted of hard groans and desperate whimpers. When Jack couldn't use words, he vocalized every emotion and movement with sounds that had Ianto quivering even more than the words.

Ianto smelled Jack. He tried to be subtle about it, but whenever they were standing near each other, which was quite a lot these days, Ianto would close his eyes and just sniff. He felt quite silly and hoped that no one noticed him, but he really couldn't help it. Jack had that "Jack" smell that seemed to curl Ianto's toes. A combination of spice and the sea air. Something sharp at first but it would settle into soothing and creep through Ianto's entire body until he was relaxed and a little too spacey. And that was just at work. When they were alone, with skin touching and breath hot and desperate, Jack's scent changed. Ianto's nose would be assaulted with a heavy musk that would wrap around his insides, warming him from the core, and he would press his face into Jack's neck and groan.

Ianto tasted Jack. During the day, the flavor in Jack's mouth was pure coffee, thick and rich, and Ianto could get a caffeine buzz simply by swiping their tongues together. He longed for the quick secret kisses in the vaults or at the coffee station or in any darkened corner. He would grab hold of Jack's flavor and take it with him the rest of the day until he could get Jack alone and naked and taste his skin. Oh, his skin. Ianto had his tongue on Jack at every opportunity. As if his skin had become some necessary element that Ianto needed to survive. Jack was thick and heavy and tasted like he smelled, spicy and salty with musky undertones that Ianto would combine with coffee after the sex and his taste buds would explode.

Ianto didn't touch Jack. He waited until Jack touched him. And when Jack did, Ianto's world went afire. He burned from the inside, a desire so built into his core that he would scream as it escaped. Heat would pour from his body through his fingertips and mouth and cock and wherever Jack had his hands on him. His skin would melt and he would sigh and groan and pray for Jack to make it stop and never stop just never stop touching him. Jack killed Ianto with arson as hands slid over him and into him and bruised him and scorched him and oh god Jack was the sun and Ianto was completely burned.

Ianto's body twitched. Every day he was so overcome with the very being of Jack. Jack seeped into him and became a part of him so completely that Ianto didn't know if he could exist on his own anymore. And Jack would smile at him, across a room, and Ianto knew, with every fiber of his being he knew, that Jack sensed him too.

Tags: a character study in 110 parts, fic, ianto jones

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